church groups

Bible Study

The Bible Study group brings together Christians to a devotion of reading and sharing the word of God. It takes place at the church every Saturday at 2:00pm.

The Choir

Choir is a group of enthusiastic Christians who praise the Lord with their voices. They sing all types of songs during services in different languages from different backgrounds. They train on Thursday and Saturday at 7:00pm at the church. The group is opened to everyone interested in serving the Lord through singing.


This is an important Ministry at the church. The group is tasked with giving directions who come to pray and also help in other duties during services.


This is a group of organized male Christians at the church who lay strategies essential for their economic emancipation but also for the growth of the Church. They share the vision of what Christian men together can do to meet and take every crisis affecting the church. It caters for men of all ages and group is open to members. They usually meet on Sundays after service at 2:00pm.


A group that brings together female Christians to mentor, share, and build their confidence and leadership skills which are very fundamental in successful family life but also essential in building and importing christian values. It is a special group where female Christians get the courage to take on mega projects that never leave their lives the same. They usually sit on Sundays at 2:00pm after service.


Considering the population of Uganda, this special group is the pillar of our church for today and tomorrow. This is a group that brings together Christians between the age of 15 – 35. It is an empowerment group aimed at grooming the youths into responsible citizens by training them and equipping them with life realization skills, leadership skills, talent promotion and positive peer group formation. They are a dynamic group that engages actively in most of the church activities.

Sunday School

A vibrant group of the young generation who are taught christian values from the infant age. It is a group of young children from nursery school to lower primary. Parents are encouraged to send their children to Sunday school during church services where they receive the care of experienced teachers who teach them the good news in a very simple way.